Long Overdue Update

2015-10-01 12:21 by TravisB

Ahoy thar!

It's a long time since I wrote something, sorry for the silence!

Basically, I've been doing a bunch of stuff, and it's been super great fun times, and you'll hear something on the Gotye front at some stage…then. When I've completed this thing. And other things.

But front-of-the-bunch, fully completed and ready to roll out on the road Aus-tour-stylez are The Basics.

We recorded a new album at Abbey Road Studios last year (which was a treat and a half!). It's called The Age of Entitlement, and you can check it out via the numerous channels below:

Spotify | iTunes | Waterfront Records (Australia) for physical: CD and LP

Also, we are doing shows all over Australia throughout October. Every state and territory! It will be the first time we'll play in Broome and Alice Springs, which will be delicious. They ought to be rollicking rock'n'roll shows. Some of the shows, though, will be something quite different: stripped back, in-the-round, and with an invitation to anyone attending to bring us lyrics and chord charts for any song they'd like us to play. The chances of magnificence and ruination are equal.

All dates on sale now from

I'll sign off with some actual music (and visualez), a new song called A Coward's Prayer:

See you soon


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Hearts A Mess & Thanks For Your Time at triple j's Beat The Drum

2015-01-17 14:26 by TravisB

Watch yesterday's performance of Hearts A Mess & Thanks For Your Time at triple j's Beat The Drum in Sydney here. Happy 40th bday triple j.

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The Lucky Country

2014-11-08 17:36 by TravisB

'Allo you.

Seems a few folks misread some of the silliness in my last newsletter. All I can say is­ it's worth reading more than just the first line of a document, in case a contradiction, or perhaps an insinuation of the unreliability of a previous piece of information should follow.

Or not.

There will be no new Goty...I mean, hey­ look over there! It's some new music!

The Lucky Country” is the new single I recorded with The Basics at Abbey Road Studios earlier this year. Kris Schroeder and I started The Basics nearly 15 years ago, so we've shared a lot of songs in that time, but when Kris played me this song I was immediately impressed with its fervour, the way it unapologetically grapples with some of the complex issues we'd do well to talk more about here in Australia.

I remember sitting in the control room of Studio 2 at Abbey Road holding my breath as Kris veritably roared the amazing vocal on the track.­ I was captivated, and I hope you find something like this in the recording.

The animated lyric video was directed by our talented compatriot Andrew Mortlock, who you may remember also made the excellent vinyl record extravaganza of a clip for our last single So Hard For You.

We're releasing an EP ("extended play", for all those who have ever wondered) with The Lucky Country and other songs from the Abbey Road sessions right abouhhht...NOW, so here are the ways and means:

Digital file­-like:

The Spotted Streams:

Compact Disc Digital Audio:

I'll be heading out with The Basics to play a number of shows in almost all states of Australia soon, so check the dates and buy tickets here.

Love to see you there,

Love, Wally

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