Old Music And A New Record Label

2017-06-13 14:19 by Wally

Dear friends,

I’m excited to share some music that is very special to me. It’s a compilation that I curated of super rare and never-before-released recordings by a musical hero of mine, Jean-Jacques Perrey (1929-2016).

This release focusses on Jean-Jacques’ playing of the French proto-synthesizer, the Ondioline, an unusually expressive electronic instrument with a ventriloquist’s variety of “voices”.

Jean-Jacques was the world’s sole virtuoso of the Ondioline in the ‘50s and ‘60s. He used it extensively on classic records like The In Sound From Way Out! (with Gershon Kingsley in 1965), and his work with it remains a remarkable document of one man’s exploration of this unique musical instrument.

I visited Jean-Jacques at his home in Switzerland a number of times, and I felt blessed to find that a man whose music had brought me so much joy was also an incredibly warm-hearted and inspiring human being in-person. He was a unique spirit, with a special cosmic way of seeing the world, and I miss him dearly. But I'm buoyed when I think that his music will continue to transmit his inimitable charm to many new listeners over time.

While getting to know Jean-Jacques I was delighted to discover that there was a great deal of brilliant music that was either very rare or entirely unreleased from his many years of prolific recording. Some of it was as effervescent and playful as his better-known work, but some of it exhibited a different sense of yearning, playing with colours contrasting starkly with the boisterous electronic pop that was his signature.

I hope this compilation displays the great breadth of feeling that I think Jean-Jacques committed to record throughout his early years. It’s a love story of sorts, between Jean-Jacques and his “first love”, the Ondioline, an instrument he played so sensitively and with such exquisite mastery.

I hope you take the time to listen, and find some of the inventiveness, depth, and range of eclectic wonders that I’ve found in Jean-Jacques’ music.

The compilation is called Jean-Jacques Perrey et son Ondioline and it's the first release on a new archival record label I’ve set up called Forgotten Futures. Through this label I plan to explore the work of other pioneering performers, composers and inventors of unique musical instruments, across a series of releases.

This first one is very personal for me, and I dedicate it to my spiritual grandfather Jean-Jacques with thanks for so much inspiration over many years. I know you’re smiling up there, you pioneer of the stars.

With love,


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Kōya, the debut album from Braille Face is out now

2016-09-06 22:49 by Wally

Kōya, the debut album from Braille Face has just come out on the label Tim Shiel and I started a label called Spirit Level!

Every corner of this record has something wonderful to discover, rhythmically and texturally. But it's the tender melodies, floating on such sublime vocals that tie everything together.

To Where We Sink is a highlight for me, but the thread of this whole album demands unabridged listening.

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New music from Spirit Level, Bibio guest vocal feature, and MESS

2016-04-11 13:55 by TravisB


It’s been a long time between drinks, which isn’t surprising since I don’t drink very much.

Please read on for a sobering update on the world. 

Braille Face: New music from Spirit Level

Tim Shiel and I started a label called Spirit Level a little while ago to support the Australian release of Zammuto’s brilliant sophomore recording Anchor.
We have something new to share with you, this time from a Melbourne producer who has been prolifically creating new work over the last year (12 albums in 12 months!) and this is the first song to be officially released from this collection.

His name is Braille Face, he crafts gorgeous ambient pop music, and you can listen to his debut single Glow here.

Bibio's new song The Way You Talk

Bibio’s album Silver Wilkinson was such an aurally immersive delight, I was thrilled the man approached me to sing on a song from his new record A Mineral Love.
It’s a lovely slowly unfolding piece with wave-like layers of chorused Clavinet washing over it and it’s called The Way You Talk.

MESS (Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio)
I’m supporting a new studio initiative in Melbourne that has an exciting concept: a subscription system to access rare electronic musical instruments.
Something betwixt a “synth gym” and a “synth library”, MESS will allow people to come to a dedicated workspace in North Melbourne where they can independently access an incredible collection of hard-to-find and often-too-expensive-to-ever-own electronic musical instruments in order to experiment, learn and record.
Find out more here, consider becoming a member here, and maybe I’ll see you down there. I’m looking forward to spending some time on some of these instruments crafting sounds for new tracks I’m working on.

Music for the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival
Kris from The Basics has recorded a nifty synthy piece for the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival. I really like the unexpected drum breaks and odd time section against the pulsating bass synth that propels this! Listen here.
Blessings blossoms,


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