Despite de tail you can tell de girl from de boy!

2007-10-13 22:07 by Wally

Oh boy, after grand intentions of blogging music and random stuff regularly, I finally get back to a second post after what?... two months.

Anyways, without further ado, here's a space-flavoured calypso number from the inimitable Lord Christo. What can I say about the great inimitably unimitatable Lord Christo? Well, he is oft-imitated. But with futility, because he is, in fact, inimitable.

Lord Christo- Trip To Mars

I've read that the Caribbean calypso style he plays here is called Mento. Seems to me, in this case, it should be "de-mento" though. (cue laughs) The other tracks on his record Authentic Calypso ruminate on themes as variegated as food from Chicago, Shakespearean quotations, frozen chicken and hurricanes in the Carribean.

I find Trip To Mars simultaneously hilarious and intensely musically engaging. The shaker, guitar and voice just have a rare languidness that feels kinda out-of-time and yet they go together perfectly

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In My Pants

2007-07-05 22:12 by Wally

The Reddings - In My Pants

A-booty-booty! I’m rippin’ right into the blogosphere with this slab of ‘80s electro funk from The Reddings. Yep, sons of Otis (augmented by some hanger-on named Mark Locket…I mean, c’mon- he isn’t even a distant cousin or anything!!).
Anyways, they’ve got something in their pants.
Just for you.
Well, maybe just for me.
And also Fagatron, the only other blogger I could find writing about The Reddings. He informs us that a plastic ruler was included with the original album sleeve.
Needless to say, I rushed to my vinyl copy of If Looks Could Kill immediately and was sorely disappointed at said item’s absence.
Not that I need a ruler of course…
Well, maybe just to work out whether to put my turntable on 45 or 33.

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