I'm gonna be a one-hit wonder!

2008-08-06 21:20 by Wally

I love it when Google alerts me to proclamations like this:

one hit wonder mayyyyt!

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Speaking of monsters...

2008-07-25 21:23 by Wally

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Weeeeee arrrrrrrree thhhheee wuuuhhhhhrrrrr....

2008-07-24 21:26 by Wally


While doing the dishes the other night I decided to put on my We Are The World 12" for some laffs. Accidentally playing the thing at 33 and a third rpm provided me with something of a musical revelation- things sound bloody awesome at 11 and two thirds less vinyl revolutions per minute! That's roughly three-quarter speed folks

Listen for yourself!

I've compiled a list of reasons why this version of We Are The World is now the only one for me.

(a) the song goes for almost 10 minutes. That's 6 more minutes of awesomeness!

(b) you can fall in love with the voices of all your favourite '80s artists afresh. Further, there are vocal nuances you'd just never noticed before. Such as...

(c) Bruce Springsteen sounds like Cookie Monster on 12" played at 33!

(d) I can't help but picture this version of We Are The World accompanying the most excellent super-slow-motion '80s film montage imaginable

(e) I like to think of all the stars in the film clip at twice their girth. Which is ironic, if you check out "Steve Wonder" in this:

I'm off to speed-swede more old favourites!

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Wouldn't you like a Coke right now?

2008-04-03 21:31 by Wally

I've been trying to sample bits and pieces from a pile of records I've collected over the last year, so that I have some sounds to mess around with while overseas. A top little find is this Coca Cola promo from the '80s.

Denim Machine fool!

Picture-disc plastic, playable on your turntable. I think I've found the soundtrack to my upcoming OS journey!

'80s Coca-Cola promo: "Denim Machine"

Just imagine that pumpin' outta the stereo while you're cruising Route 66!
"It's got a gutsy V8, power assisted steer, automatic shift to take me through the gears. Mad wheels and radio give a raunchy ride, and it's air conditioned to cool it inside". To hell with Coke. What kinda car are they trying to sell me?

Denim Machine: Supertramp style

Wow- they've thought of every musical mood I could possibly want to be in. I can leave my Breakfast in America cd at home

Soul Style

Country Style

"Coke adds life. And everybody wants a little life".
Well, I won't argue with the second statement.

Doobie Brothers style!!

Rock style

Maybe it's turntable jitter, but the vibrato on this guy's voice is off the chart. So much so that I couldn't resist trying to distill the essence of this Rock-Style Coke promo in a little cutup. I tried to imagine an executive at Coke in the early '80s extolling what the rock promo had to do for potential Coke consumers. "It's gotta be in your face, man. Infectious. Relentless. In short. It has to ROCK!"

Heh heh heh. I love the last bit. Sounds like he's screaming "THE LITTLE LIE (COKE!)...THE LITTLE LIE! (COKE!)...THE LITTLE LIE (COKE!)". That's going on my next record for sure

Ah, and then there's this:
Paul McCartney style!

Hahaha. For some reason, when I listen to this promo, the only thing I can picture is Paul McCartney taking a hit from a bong. Listen to the bubbling sounds about seven seconds in and tell me you don't think the same. Which begs the question, Sir Paul- "Wouldn't you like some coke right now?"

The Back!

All this Coke promo got me thinking: there couldn't be another company that's so full-on about promotion, that's been massively influential the world over, and that's been around long enough to build up a trove of crazy ads and promo ideas. Where to go? YouTube of course. This promo from the Philippines in the late '70s is classic:

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You make me wanna lose my lunch

2008-02-13 21:41 by Wally

Dancing for Will yo!

If ever I'm feeling down, this record always picks me up. A good laugh, vocoding and a double jumbo super-size shot of success-is-the-key-determinant-of-all-life self-help that only Americans could dream up. Fabulous! Thank you Will

Will Powers - Dancing For Mental Health

Will Powers - Will Powers

And the bit where the husky low male backing vocals come in with "REMEMBER!" makes me think of Gunther's Eurodance. Spot on

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