Creative Vibes R.I.P.

2008-12-15 18:54 by Wally

Cvibes logo

Creative Vibes, distributor of my music in Australia for over five years announced that they were shutting down last week. The downturn in music sales and the massive drop in the value of the Aussie dollar prompted the Cvibes crew to make the difficult decision to wind up their business before potentially ending up in a position where they couldn’t afford to pay their labels and artists. While the massive devaluing of the Aussie dollar coupled with Creative Vibes’ large commitment to imported catalogue was a significant factor in these difficulties, the huge drop in music sales (the first time in Cvibes’ history that September, October and November sales were so significantly down on previous years’) has clearly had sweeping effects across the entire music industry. Retailers devaluing music with a bottomless discounting spiral, retail buyers strong-arming distributors into offering larger and larger discounts on their stock, and stores moving towards only stocking “chart” (commercially successful material) have left a company like Creative Vibes in a position where some of their recent releases were lumped with a net loss even before the cds left their warehouse (!).

Here’s why Creative Vibes were awesome:

Peter and Heidi Pasqual, Gordon Henderson and their team of tireless and talented promo staff over the last 15 years have been there every step of the way as dance/electronic/groove music in Australia grew from complete obscurity, to a thriving underground and recently to far greater mainstream recognition. From Japanese acid jazz, Brit new jazz, the influential Ninja Tune label (Coldcut, Amon Tobin, Daedelus, Mr. Scruff, Kid Koala, The Herbaliser and The Cinematic Orchestra amongst others) to the new soul and funk on the Tru Thoughts label (The Bamboos, Quantic, Alice Russell) as well as Swedish luminaries Datarock and Familjien, Creative Vibes have always distributed and promoted progressive music out of love and with incredible passion. In 2003 they gave me the chance to independently release my music in Australia when no other label or distributor would return my calls. I owe them a huge debt of gratitude for their guidance, support, ingenuity and commitment to my music over the years and I want to wish them all the best in what they move into next. Thanks guys, it’s been an amazing experience and I wouldn’t be able to call music my career at the moment if it wasn’t for your help.

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Like Drawing Blood on US iTunes

2008-12-14 19:57 by Wally

Good news for any folks following my music in the USA. Like Drawing Blood is finally available on the US iTunes store. In fact, this week it’s one of their recommended indie album downloads.

For all the honest and scrupulous Americans that emailed me over the last few years enquiring whether there was any legal way to download my music, your chance has arrived. For Canadians who’ve enquired about my music, sorry- I hope to have the record up on iTunes in your fair land soon. For anyone else who’s enjoyed my music via Limewire or Bit Torrent, here’s your chance to send me a Christmas pressie ;)

Picture this scenario: (i) Gotye’s US iTunes sales and profile shoot skyward courtesy of existing fans’ honesty and generosity. (ii) This burgeoning digital profile allows Gotye to find a loving independent label to finally back a physical release of existing and future music in the USA and Canada. (iii) The first Gotye tour of North America becomes a possibility.

Has a nice tic-tac-toe kinda logic to it hey!

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Rod Thomas sez: "you're so very valuable"

2008-12-13 19:59 by Wally

You're so very valuable!

A man named Rod Thomas, whom I played with at London's Bush Hall earlier this year, has ripped apart Thanks For Your Time and put it back together with a distinctly Rod Thomasy flavour. Check it out below

Thanks For Your Time (Rod Thomas remix)

You can uncover Rod's original music at his MySpace page and if you're in Europe, try to see him play live. The gent's ability with layering drums, keys, guitars and vocals live is phenomenal to watch (and listen to of course). Some of the live clips on Rod's MySpace page give you a bit of a glimpse

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iTunes UK's favourite album of 2008

2008-12-03 20:02 by Wally

iTunes in Australia, Japan and Switzerland have been very kind to me in recent times with featured singles, videos and album spotlights. Now the UK staff come up with this doozy: Like Drawing Blood was their favourite record of 2008!

iTunes UK- Gotye favourite record of 2008

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Eltham High School performing Hearts A Mess

2008-10-27 20:04 by Wally

Cheers to Ed Fairlie and the Eltham High School stage band for this arrangement and performance of Hearts a Mess. Very cool.

Eltham High School band- Hearts A Mess from Gotye on Vimeo

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