Imagination on the radio

2009-02-12 19:15 by Wally

I've had this stack of 200 records I've collected over the last year sitting next to my desk for the last three months, and today I pulled out a beauty. It's Imagination's 1983 album Scandalous.


The track New Dimension is a bit of a revelation. And then there's the film clip!: know TV On The Radio were once a three-piece right?

TV On The Radio as a three piece- is it my imagination?

And then there's the Golden Age film clip:

Is it just me, or were Imagination reborn in 2001 in New (Dimension) York City, as an experimental rock/pop/doowop/freejazz band with one member sporting more of a 'fro than in the '80s, one with a squarer jaw and the other with a skin pigmentation lightening problem and a new pair of glasses?

Surely this proves it?:
Imagination On The Radio

If not, then certainly I must be considered as the token white guy in the inevitable 2009 reformation of Imagination?

Out of the woodwork.... ...and into the Goyterrrrrrr

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Not the things you shouldn't try

2008-12-30 19:34 by Wally

shiiiiiiit maaaang, i NEED this book

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Procrasti...MEGA STACK!

2008-12-28 19:44 by Wally

Not having any immediate release or touring commitments has sent me into a clean-up-everything-unpack-old-boxes-of-junk-organise-every-last-nanometer-of-my-life typa frenzy.

So here I am with a stack of cds that have been given to me by fellow musicians over the last two years , backstage at festivals, leaving venues after shows, during chance encounters on street corners, thrown from the crowd during sets, and of course through the wonders of the postal service.

The Megastack!

I like statistics, so here are some statistics: There are 237 cds in that mega stack. That's 180cm of music. (I hoped it would be taller than me, but alas it fell three cms short. Maybe if I burned all the mp3s people have sent me in the last two years onto cds the mega stack would win out and, if caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, I might be crushed by the sheer height of musical output teetering beside me in this pic.)

I digress, so...more stats eh. At an average of about 30 minutes per cd in that stack, I'm looking at roughly 118.5 hours of musical review should I feel compelled to revisit all of the material here. Generally I've been asked to constructively criticise what's on these records so it's lucky that I have months of free time coming up. 7110 minutes! (fyi, I listened to 179 out of the 237 cds collected here. That's not bad considering I also kept up with what Prince has released in the last two years).

So 237 cds in 24 months is roughly 10 random new cds to try and check out every month. Having digested 179, I managed 7.46 cds per week. Again, not bad considering I also enjoyed new albums by Fleet Foxes, The Chap and Ratatat in this time. And I didn't write those bands back with constructive criticism about their music.

Well, that's all the stats I can wring out of that little exercise in compact disc jenga. So to everyone whose music is represented in the mega stack, thank you. For being a part of my attempt to turn obsessive organisation into frivolous time wastage, and for forcing me to develop my descriptive writing abilities when it comes to reviewing and constructively critiquing music. And to anyone I didn't get back to, I apologise. I'd like to thank you here. In no particular order:

The Architects, Gorgeous, Gauche, Velure, Josivac, Bryce Jacobs, Red Monika, Grassroots Street Orchestra, Red Eye Moon, Anja The Smiling Onion, Josh Owen Band, Yunyu, Kate Miller-Heidke, True Live, Dukes Of Windsor, Kate Bradley, Megan Bowman, Fourth Floor Collapse, Tom Ryan, The Object Lesson, Jordie Lane, Max and the Little Ensemble (and Isnod), Gelbison, Coda, Jared Underwood, Digital Primate, Skipping Girl Vinegar, Armen Firman, Houlette, Sophie Koh, The Sticks, The Weekend People, Tokenview, Winterpark, Microsleep, Paul Dillon, Dymyr, DLake, KCee, Jonti Daniels, The Miller's Tale, Blunted Stylus, A77, Wons Phreely, Quiet Child, The Benson Campaign, Bric a Brac, Princess One Point Five, Hot Liquid Sex, Jaye Christopher Hansen, Me, Heavyweight Champ, Her Majesty's Finest, Ground Components, Cousin Leonard, Spargo, Downhills Home, Ali McGregor, Naked Pumpkins, Emma Heeney, Simon Imrei, Scene Queens, Inga Liljestrom, Jess McAvoy, The Suns, Valeska, Jean Claude Madhero, Tara Simmons, Hot Little Hands, Melanie Horsnell, Chug, Tecoma, Brighton School Choir (!), Bombazine Black, The Orange Bird, Justine Bell, Dubbly, Jarrah, Heidi, Modifi, Lady Strangelove, Tall Timbre, Debra Byrnes, Jum, Zeker Weten, Gabby, Flow, Tip Owens, Ray Mann, Faux Pas, Hancock Basement, Richelle Boer, Scott Edgar & the Universe, Ship In A Bottle, Milow, The Final Eclipse, Love Outside Andromeda, Sub Audible Hum, Adam Power, Resin Dogs, Mr. Wednesday, Central Deli Band, Khristian Mizzi, Smoking Walrus, Fireside Bellows, The Harpoons, Fi Claus, The Freudian Slips,  The Paper Scissors, Booster, Cross Eyed Mary, Tim Crossey Band, DTS Band, Becky Fox, The Tulips, Jess Paige, Bitchy Boy, Brad Maiden, Peret Mako, The Bedroom Philosopher, Cloud Atlas, Common Cause, Joe Echo, Nicholas Roy, Joel Sarakula, Hey Gringo, Mei Lai Swan, The Fudds, Jo Kelly Stephenson, George Byrne, Grant Walmsley's Agents of Peace, Melanie, Shifter, The Hampdens, Durbeyfield, Tony Rose & Party, Paso Bionic, Camilla Hodgkins, The Periscopes, Mortlock, Paris Wells, The Sophisticants, Trinkets, A Ghost Devotion, and finally, Rosario De Marco.

So once again, thanks to a...[teeter...wobble...lean...] arrgggggh....[gasping for breath]...the''s too much

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The most beautiful Christmas in the world

2008-12-23 19:47 by Wally

Item 1: Be fair to yourself this Christmas. Have a good time. Reference below for inspiration

I love you all, one at a time

There is no item 2

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How good is this card!

2008-12-15 19:51 by Wally

Old ladies on a card!

Thanks Lieve ;)

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